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وب سایت کتابخانه برای در دسترس قرار دادن بخش بسیار مهم و بزرگی از محتوای تولید شده توسط جامعه اقلیت های جنسی که به صورت فایل های پی دف اف منتشر شده اند راه اندازی شده.

این سایت به صورت ویژه برای کاربران موبایل و تبلت که بیش از 80 درصد بازدید کنندگان را تشکیل می دهند طراحی شده، اکنون بیشتر مخاطبین ترجیح می دهند بر روی موبایل و تبلت مطالعه داشته باشند و از این رو این سایت می تواند افراد بیشتری را به خواندن نشریات تشویق کند.

از طرفی بخش زیادی از نشریات جامعه اقلیت های جنسی اکنون روی اینترنت بی سرپرست مانده به این معنی که بعضی از فایل ها کاملا از دسترس خارج شده و دیگر جایی بر روی اینترنت وجود ندارند و بسیاری از فایل ها هم به صورت پراکنده در اینجا و آنجا قابل دسترس است ولی نه به صورتی که مخاطب را جذب کنند و به راحتی قابل دسترسی باشند. این سایت به تدریج نشریات قدیمی را جمع خواهد کرد و به صورت متمرکز و دسته بندی شده در دسترس قرار خواهد داد.

آدرس سایت کتابخانه: http://hamjensgera.com/ketab

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منبع : وبسایت همجنس گرا

موج جدید کاربردی کردن دوباره واژه همجنس باز و البته با کمال تاسف اینبار از سوی خود افراد همجنس گرا، این موج سعی دارد با سوا کردن تمام ناهنجاری های رفتاری و اخلاقی از همجنس گرایان و یکجا کردن آن در موجودی به نام همجنس باز یک تصویر منزه و بی عیب از فرد همجنس گرا در مقابل فرد همجنس باز که تمام ناهنجاری ها و پلیدی ها را در خود جمع کرده ارائه دهند. جدای نادرست بودن چنین تصویر سازی های سفید و سیاه گونه این رویکرد به نوعی لگد زدن بر زیر تمام کوشش های گذشته برای ایجاد درک درست و مطابق با واقعیت از پدیده همجنس گرایی است. ( دنباله مقاله را در سایت همجنس گرا بخوانید )

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محسن کدیور

Mohsen Kadivar one of leading opposition figures (green movement) and professor of religious studies at Duke University answered to a question about conflict between traditional Islam and sexual preference asked by anonymous questioner Aftab magazine published by a group of Iranian students and faculty members at the University of Waterloo, the article is about human rights and religious intellectualism, here is the part that Mohsen Kadivar makes statement about homosexuals:

Questioner: conflict between traditional Islam and sexual preference is missing in questions, isn’t traditional Islamic jurisprudence act discriminating against choosing sexual partner (homosexuality)?

Mohsen Kadivar: firstly having sex with same gender (homosexuality) is not recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its following two covenants. Homosexuals attempt to be recognized as a sexual minority in major social documents had no success so far. As far as I know the only place that has implicitly stated this issue is in a subsidiary document about refuge for these people who are in death risk in their countries for following this way. In some European countries there has been attempts to recognize homosexuals and families consist of two same sex partners, but their highest success was to recognize sexual relations is individuals rights and if its performed with both sides permission no one has the right to disagree with it or ignore it. Homosexuality has very serious critics everywhere either between followers of Muslims, Jews, and Christians and between non-religious people. Any way so far homosexuality doesn’t have international social support as a human right case.

secondly Homosexuality is irrational and inhuman act and is distraction from right direction of humanity. without doubt people who with homosexual ways don’t believe in what we say the same way we didn’t find any justification and reasoning in their statements. In the end from rational point of view it would be disagreed case between both sides. For entering human right cases justified and rational bases is needed. So far homosexuality has not been recognized as human rights from rational point.

(an Iranian proverb says) first prove your brotherhood then claim for inheritance. There is strong doubt to consider homosexuality as human rights, with such a doubt what is the point of talking about discrimination of sexual minorities?

thirdly sexual relation between same gender is prohibited forbidden in all Abrahamic realigns including Islam. Holy Quran disapprove homosexuality as the way of Lot people. Islam scholars both Shiite and Sunni agree in forbiddance of homosexuality and punishing them with highest penalty. both partners permission and will for having sex with each other is doesn’t work in a case that has strong religious prohibition. Prohibition of same sex sexual relation between men (Lavat) and women (Mosaheqe) and hardest punishment for them is a permanent sentence in Islam. Religious intellectualism act same way as traditional Islam in case of prohibition and punishment of homosexuality. Of course investigation in people personal matters is forbidden. I say this clearly, Muslims won’t tolerate homosexuality and attempt every reasonable way to wipe this unfortunate deviation (homosexuality) from human society.

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